Latest Devlogs & Videos

First Look

This devlog for Cats vs. Aliens lets you take a peep at this game to learn the who, what, and why of this project.

This three-ish-minute video will give you a glimpse at some gameplay and let you know where I started and where I planned to take it way back at the beginning.  Hopefully I can avoid too much scope creep and stick to the plan!

Devlog Shorts

New Enemy Movement

Attempt at fixing the movement of the ghosts in the first waves.  The results are hilariously bizarre.

Pixel Perfect Zoom!

This was an exciting breakthrough!  Now the art doesn't look funky when you zoom in while chatting with your potential allies.

Random Error Messages

Added some fun, random error messages when you try to craft while missing components.

The Crafting System

The crafting system has been implemented.  Now you can spend all those hard-earned resources!

Other Videos & Godot Tutorials

Learn how to get that same Pixel Perfect zoom in for Godot 3.5 that I use in Cats vs. Aliens.  There's also a GitHub project you can download to play with.
Explore the TilePipe 2 tool and how to use it to quickly create and implement a diagonal tile set in a top-down Godot 3.5 game.
Learn 3 basic rules of keeping good files structure for games, and get a sample of how the Cats vs Aliens folder structure keeps me able to work on my game even after longer periods of inactivity.
Learn the What, How and Why of Documentation Passes to improve your project's readability and save Future You a ton of headaches.